National Employment Program 2.0 - Tamkeen

The Bahrain national initiatives & economic Vision 2030 is reformed by Labour Fund or Tamkeen (an Arabic term, meaning empowerment), a public authority. Strengthening each & every individual & enterprise National Employment Program in Bahrain becomes the key for the private sector & also assures its backbone in the national development. Intending to boost & support the Bahrain National Economy this National Employment Program in Bahrain 2.0 – Tamkeen provides the individuals & private business sectors assistance and training.

1. For individuals and enterprises focusing on supporting Bahraini’s employment.
2. This combines with the existing mission of making the labour market employee preference as Bahrainis.
3. For a period of up to 36 months, Bahraini job seekers & fresh new graduates registered with the Ministry of Labour & Social Development will get wage support.

1. For who all?
1. Students: Provides a triggering movement of their career like getting professional certifications initiating business & train workplace ethics.
2. Job Seekers: Finances & supports the training programs & certifications and also provide wage support & entrepreneurship option along with financial & operational support.
3. Employees: Supports in their career options & assists in entrepreneurship.
4. Business: To reduce the pandemic impact on Business the Business Continuity Support Programme has been launched.
5. Enterprises: Provides all business requirements like finance, approvals, permissions, advice, guidance & data management preparing the businesses to respond well & accurately. This will be a great motivation for entrepreneurship and existing businesses.

  • Pre-start-up Enterprises: Supporting starting an initiating business venture.
  • Start-ups Enterprises: Supporting small businesses to develop and grow with the fund and Advise.
  • Scale-up & Mature Enterprises: Supporting existing businesses to expand and grow.

6. Women: To support women to build their stability in the labour market women-owned Startups are specifically supported, make of use Sharia-compliant financing at a competitive profit rate, and utilise the skills development programs & professional certifications.
Inviting investment leaders Bahrain is a business-friendly country enhancing business opportunities. Tamkeen services will be a better option for business growth. With many beneficial programs for the investors to build & develop businesses, the Bahrain government has simplified the application procedures of TAMKEEN services.

Business continuity support program – Eligibility Criteria:

1.Active Commercial Registration/valid license.
2. Small & Micro and enterprises (employees up to 50).
3. Based and operating in Bahrain.
4. Must have Social Insurance Organization/Labour Market Regulatory Authority (LMRA) registered employees.
5. Provides audited financial statements or in-house management accounts for 2019 (if available)
6. Should not have more than 50% Government ownership.
7. Should not have active LMRA offences.
8. Should not have active Tamkeen/LMRA violation(s).
9. Should be able to show that COVID-19 has adversely affected their operations.

Business continuity support program – Required documents:

1. An Active CR without any violation from SIO or LMRA.
2. 3 months Bank statement of the company or it can be one of the owners of the company
3. Valid Rental Agreement
4. 3 months of electricity bill
5. Accounting/Audit reports or In-house Accounting reports.
6. Pieces of evidence proving that COVID-19 affected the business like accounting analysis, account receivables ageing report, outstanding reports, sales reports, and other evidence.
7. Other supporting documents

2. We serve?

As a top business & financial consultant we provide the Best Tamkeen Services in Bahrain. You can get professional support from us for National Employment Program in Bahrain 2.0 – Tamkeen.

• Support all business requirements for both start-up & established businesses.
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• Assist with all your application procedures.
• Assist all your approvals, permits & licenses & International placement.
• Train your team and support your wage management.
• Superior solutions for your troubles & hurdles.

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