Investigation Audit

Investigation Audit

The amount of companies entering the Middle East has significantly increased recently. A significant rise in business fraud has coincided with an increase in businesses. The business could succeed or fail because of these frauds. For this reason, the management of businesses should take extra care to conduct fraud investigation audits with the help of a Top Investigation Audit firm and use the Best Investigation Audit services in Bahrain of a reputable audit firm.
Fraud Investigation Audit Services
In general life, Fraud can be explained as any activity which is a wrongful deception and in the end, results in any financial or personal gain to the person. Such activity can bring devastating results to a business. In the business world, fraud can be defined as a planned activity that is performed with the aim of robbing or depriving the other entity of property or money. A business can conduct fraud without the management knowing about it. This can create huge losses and improper use of resources and can lead to the liquidation of a company. This is why it is required that every business requires a Best Investigation Audit service in Bahrain. A Forensic Examiner of a Top Investigation Audit firm in Bahrain will examine all the documents and reports of the company to find if any fraudulent activity is taking place in the business offering Best Investigation Audit services in Bahrain .


  • Helps to identify any internal fraud
  • Strengthens the organization’s control mechanism
  • Saves a company from long-term damage and helps to retain the reputation of the organization
  • Acts as the factual information that can be used as a document in a court of law


GSPU is a financial consultant that provides accounting, auditing, software consulting, and management services. We at GSPU assist our clients in analysing corporate controls, processes, and procedures to spot potential fraud.As to provide the Best Investigation Audit services in Bahrain,within a few days of the deadline, we also write a thorough fraud investigation report. The best audit and assurance services have been offered by us.

GSPU Fraud Investigation Audit services are

  • Analyzing the organization’s suspected financial and operational reports.
  • Conducting an investigative review to assist the organisation in fraud prevention.
  • Creating a fraud investigation report based on investigation reviews.
  • Actions that can be taken to prevent fraud in the future are suggested.

Contact us for any fraud investigation or audit services in Bahrain; we’ll be happy to help.

What are the different methods to detect fraud in a Business?

Proper Accounting and Bookkeeping will help a business to prevent such fraudulent activities from happening. Accounting and Bookkeeping will form the first line of defense in such cases. But for different scenarios, there are different methods for detecting if any fraudulent activity is conducted in the company or not. Some more frequently used methods of fraud detection are;


This is one of the most common and frequently used methods of detecting fraud in a business. During the initiation of any fraud audit, a brainstorming session is done. During the brainstorming session, the audit team lists all the ways by which the management can find and tackle fraudulent activities. As brainstorming is an initial session, it is not necessary that the audit team state only viable options. Anything which comes to mind should be jotted down

Examination of Journal Entries

All the transactions of the company are recorded as journal entries. The Fraud Investigator will have to examine all the journal entries of the business to find any discrepancies.Any manipulation in the journal entries of the company will mean that there has been some tampering in the business.

Historical Transactions of the Company

The previous transactions of a company can provide huge information regarding the fraud situation in the company. After watching the previous transactions of the company, the audit team can get a sense as to what is the estimated amount which the company usually spends. If there is a huge deviation from this amount, then the company can be considered a victim of fraud.


Conducting the reviews of the business at specific periods will help the management to catch hold of fraudulent activities in the business. Once any such activity is caught, the management can take preventive steps to ensure that such activities do not happen in the future.

Who is a Forensic Accountant or a Fraud Examiner, and what is his Role in Fraud Examination?

A forensic Accountant is also known as a Fraud Examiner. This individual has a bachelor's or a master’s degree in Accounting or Finance and is further trained in Criminal Justice or Law Enforcement. There are a number of ways by which fraud can be conducted like Telemarketing Fraud, Securities Fraud, Money Laundering Fraud, Embezzlement, and many others.
Forensic Accountants are required to perform an important role in the business and should have experience of at least one year and need a fluent understanding of all the financial records of the company.

They must also be capable of finding any discrepancies in the financial reports of the business so that they can narrow down their search quickly.

What are some important things to be kept in mind while conducting a Fraud Examination?

There is a huge requirement for a professional Fraud Examiner, and this requirement is constantly increasing. Before availing of fraud Examination Audit services, certain things have to be kept in mind. These are:

  • The individual or team must know about the finances and how all the books of accounts are maintained.
  • They should have experience with how companies can manipulate the financial books and should also be inquisitive and search for new ways of finding out inconsistencies in the business.
  • The reviews of the particular auditor or examiner should be checked before availing of the services of that person.

What is the difference between an audit and a fraud investigation audit?

The main difference lies in the purpose of the audit. A financial audit is done to confirm the validity of the financial records, while an investigation audit relates directly to an issue defined by the client.

What is fidelity insurance?

Fidelity insurance is a type of business insurance that protects the insured against loss of property or money resulting from fraudulent acts committed by an employee.

How GSPU can help

Examines books of accounts by standard
auditing procedures

Our auditor expresses his/her opinion on whether the
accounts have been properly maintained and whether
they have met all auditing requirements.

Analyze social media strategy on various platforms,
as well as competitors

We analyze lead generation from social media driving traffic
to your website and analyze the engagement on your
social platforms.

Ensures that the company's risk-reduction

We create risk assessment systems for global, financial,
general, economic, political, industry, and company-
specific hazards.

Assists in Future Planning

Businesses will be better prepared to face official tax audits
if they have all of the relevant material produced by us and
avoid errors caused by hurry at the last minute.

Inquires company entity's financial, legal, &
other statutory compliances

We examine a business entity before entering into a contract
or other agreement that calls for a certain standard of care.

Assists the organization in the prevention of fraud

Based on our analysis of the company's questionable financial
and operational records, we produce a fraud investigation report.

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