LMRA (Labor Market Regulatory Authority)

For the Indistinguishable specialists & the authorities of government service, foundation, and general commissions the LMRA in Bahrain is the command arena. LMRA gets its full financial and managerial support from its top managerial staff appropriately from the Minister of Labor.

LMRA (Labor Market Regulatory Authority) is an administrative authority with a corporate structure providing work visas, managing, and controlling labour licenses, selecting organizations, work workplaces, and strategic approaches for self-supported exiles. On the 31st of May 2006, the Lord Majesty stated that the LMRA was instructed to assume control over all the duties and monitor of these thus giving the rights to coordinate the work showcase in the realm. The Best LMRA Services in Bahrain are required at this point, as well as a Top LMRA consultant in Bahrain.

We as a Top LMRA consultant in Bahrain note the struggles of our clients in the LMRA procedures & we assist in smooth operations and provide the Best LMRA Services in Bahrain.

1. Assists in the commercial requirements of a new establishment at LMRA and hence employers can avail work permits.
2. Guides in the transmission of dependent visa to a work permit.
3. Helps in addition & edition of the labour residential address, mailing address, or billing address in Bahrain.
4. Guides in all the legal and official procedures for getting & renewing a new work permit.
5. The errors & mistakes in the work permit will be eradicated.


1. Visa Processing
2. Ceiling
3. Offense Removal
4. Address Update

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