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A feasibility study examines the viability of a given project. It considers all relevant project aspects, including economic, technical, legal, and scheduling issues, to determine the possibility of project completion. Also, feasibility studies from a Top Feasibility Study firm in Bahrain providing the Best Feasibility Study services in Bahrain can give the management of the company vital information that could keep it from entering riskier markets without proper research.
A well-researched and completed feasibility study of a Top Feasibility Study firm in Bahrain may identify any problems that might occur during project implementation and explain potential financial, operational, and other organisational consequences. After taking all affecting elements into account the Best Feasibility Study services in Bahrain, evaluates if the project will be productive. Our organisational consultants have in-depth knowledge of creating company plans and are performing Best Feasibility Study services in Bahrain, so if you want to research that addresses your concerns, offers a planned viewpoint, and offers an unbiased analysis of your hopeful ideas, they can help.

Benefits of conducting a Feasibility Study

  • Helps narrow down the different business plans.
  • Channels the business in the right direction.
  • A detailed study of the market helps businesses to identify the available opportunities.
  • Address the weaknesses of their competitors.

Our Focused Areas

Market Health

This phase involves researching both the internal and external market situations. Analysis of the current and projected market circumstances, identification of the key players, and determination of their strengths and weaknesses help close the gap. The new product or service is compared to those already on the market, the unique qualities that give it an advantage over those items are understood, and whether it fills any “needs” of the market is evaluated. In this phase, it is defined what the value propositions to the clients will be and the receptivity of the target customers is investigated.

Financial Aspect

This step involves analysing the startup costs, ongoing expenses, available financing options, and profitability. At this stage, legal costs, capital acquisition costs, and fixed and variable costs are calculated. The mode of raising funds, through loans, from investors or other ways is determined, by understanding the implications and costs related to the financing options. The projected income and expected Return on Income are also ascertained. The supplier and customer terms of payment are also determined, to ensure healthy cash flow. The general contents of every financial feasibility will have the following:

  • Financial Summary
  • Projected Statement of Financial Position
  • Income Statement
  • Cash Flow Statement
  • Notes & Explanations of the Financial Projections
  • Ratio Analysis VI BEP

  • Technical Aspect

    The resources necessary for the business are analyzed in this step. The hardware / Software requirements, source and availability of Capital assets and whether an expansion or change in line can be accommodated with the capital being invested are some of the aspects to be determined regarding facilities and equipment. Manpower requirements, the technical knowledge they should possess, training that should be provided and competency and experience of managers are the aspects to be considered regarding labour and management.

  • The cost of the technology
  • Costs for technological development
  • Costs for the consultancy support (design and implementation)
  • Costs for the organization for piloting training
  • Running cost.
    The time frame to set up the business is decided at this stage. Though market analysis takes time, a viable business plan must be executed within a set time frame as the market is very dynamic. The business plan should be turned into reality within the stipulated time to ensure that the company’s goals and objectives are met.

  • We use the PIECES framework which helps in identifying the problems to be solved and their urgency

    Performance– Whether the modes of operation provide adequate throughput and response time?
    Information– Whether the end-users and managers utilise timely, pertinent, accurate and usefully formatted information?
    Economy – Whether the mode of operation provide cost-effective information services to the business? Could there be a reduction in costs and/or an increase in benefits?
    Control –Whether the mode of operation offers effective controls to protect against fraud and to guarantee the accuracy and security of data and information?

    Efficiency–Whether the mode of operation makes maximum use of available resources, including people, time & the flow of forms?

    Services – Whether the mode of operation provide reliable service? Is it flexible and expandable?

    How GSPU can help

    Incorporates into the Company Valuation Process

    There are many reasons why a business owner or company need to know the value of a business is taken at the time to sell.

    Compete in the risk-taking world

    Everybody in the company is exposed to risk in one way or another. The way the risk is managed has a significant impact and seeks an expert.

    Examines the market thoroughly

    A thorough market analysis to assess the potential opportunities could protect the organisation from joining dangerous enterprises blindly.

    Increases cyber security coverage

    The current corporate environment is very disruptive, and cybercrime is at an all-time high, producing nightmare scenarios. As a result, your cyber security network is strengthened.

    Correctly manages finances with knowledge and planning

    Corporate finance is a very difficult and sophisticated field of finance, and we deal with it effectively using our knowledge and planning.

    Creates a Standard Procedure to enhance output quality and consistency

    Step-by-step guidelines are created by GSPU to assist employees in doing difficult routine tasks.

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