Company Incorporation

Company Incorporation

With a friendly, economical, supportive & affordable environment and lifestyle, Bahrain provides an easy platform to build booming businesses. Let it be a branch opening or an expansion of your business boundary, we help with your finances and labour offering Best Company Incorporation Services in Bahrain.

Business Registration Process Bahrain
Starting and registering a business in Bahrain is not a simple process as it involves obtaining permits from various government and regulatory agencies and adhering to the authorities’ requirements and thus requires assistance from a Top Company Incorporation firm in Bahrain. As a top business & financial consultant we provide the Best Company Formation Services in Bahrain. Being a Top Company formation firm in Bahrain you can get professional support from our Best Company Incorporation Services in Bahrain.
1. Legal Structure Selection
The first decision a business owner should make is the legal structure of the company. It is a critical decision because the type of legal structure has an impact on business operations in Bahrain. Bahrain Shareholding Company (B.S.C) – Closed, With Limited Liability Company (W.L.L), Partnership Company, Single Person Company (S.P.C), Individual Establishment, Foreign Company Branch.

2. Choosing a Company Name
The company name of the business organisation must be established by following the guidelines provided by the Ministry of Industry & Commerce (MOIC) to assist business owners in selecting a company name.
Company owners/investors are permitted to propose four company names, and names that violate the guidelines will be rejected. If all four names are rejected, investors will have to propose four new names from the start.

3. Documents for Commercial Registration
The third step in registering a business is to submit registration papers; the process differs for corporations and individual investors.
The commercial registration papers for individual establishments are available at the Bahrain Investors Center (BIC).
The commercial registration papers for companies/organizations are available at the Ministry of Industry and Commerce Registration Directorate (MOIC).

4. Approval and Licensing
While commercial business registrations are allowed to begin operations immediately after receiving commercial registration from MOIC, certain specially mentioned businesses must obtain permits and authorization from multiple government authorities and regulatory agencies.

1. What do we do?
1. Assist in all your visa-related requirements.
2. Assist in all procedures to apply to start a business in Bahrain.
3. Perform complete internal & external audits and generates a report by applying the matrices

2. What are the Guidelines for selecting your company names?
1. Third-party registration of the chosen name is not permitted.
2. The names chosen should not offend public morals, customs, traditions, or religious beliefs.
3. Names should not imply any activity that conflicts with the company’s activity.
4. Novel names that are not similar to any other brand, company, or commercial name registered with the Ministry.
5. A name that has not already been registered with the Directorate of Industrial Property (except for names that got special permissions)
6. It must not contain any political connotations (in whole or part) or be related to any country’s regime.
7. The name should be appropriate for the company’s activity (unless authorization from the concerned authority is obtained)
8. In the case of a foreign company branch or representative office, the name must be the same as the original company name, followed by the phrase “a branch of a foreign company/representative office.

3. What are the Benefits of Company Registration in Bahrain?

The Kingdom of Bahrain is known around the world for its liberal business environment, tremendous investment opportunities for investors and businesses, and world-class infrastructure.
Bahrain has earned a well-deserved reputation for being a simple place to do business, thanks to its low operating costs, competitive market, and global reach.
1. Starting a business in Bahrain serves as a stepping stone for expanding your company throughout the GCC region.
2. With transparent rules and regulations, Bahrain provides increased stability.
3. Business-friendly tax laws with zero per cent corporate tax encourage environmental growth.
4. Most industries allow for 100 per cent foreign ownership.
5. Businesses and investors can access modern financial services.
6. Bahrain’s government policies are suitable for foreign investment. However, government officials collaborate closely with businesses and regulators to explore and improve opportunities in a variety of business sectors.
7. Lower import and export tariffs for Bahrain-based companies.

4. How do we assist you?
1. We apply ultra-modern techniques to resolve all your business formation matters.
2. We offer complete registration support for businesses like Commercial Registration (CR) services and Economical Substance Regulations (ESR) services in Bahrain.
3. We support critical issues and opportunities including strategy, marketing, transformation, digital, organization, technology, sustainability, and much more.

How GSPU can help

Aids young talent follows their dreams of starting their businesses

The GSPU group has created a distinct platform for the whole startup ecosystem to find a viable solution for both investors and promoters.

Builds a structurally solid web experience for your business

Your website serving as an online representation of your company GSPU can make maximum use of digital technologies to grow your business.

Creates your online marketing strategy

GSPU Consultancy will help you develop an internet marketing plan that will attract more qualified visits to your site and convert them into leads.

Protects Intellectual property rights in Bahrain for Small, medium and large organizations

GSPU can assist you with trademark registration which gives your logo to be identified in its goods or services from those of its competitors.

Assistance, Advisory and Support Services for NRI’s/PIO/OCI

Following DTAA and domestic laws, GSPU supports, advises, and helps you with your NRI regulations, tax residency status determination in India, and tax responsibility that results.

Develops a Standard Procedure to improve quality output and performance consistency

GSPU's Step-by-step instructions suit the organizational environment and can help workers carry out complex routine operations.

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