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Accounting Services in Bahrain

Independent of size and type of business, all organizations require the use of the Best Accounting Services in Bahrain from a Top Accounting Service firm.
Accounting can be characterized as keeping records of monetary transactions which will be analyzed by the end of a specified period. Understanding the flow of funds in an organization, and setting up a financial plan will likewise help in determining the fate of the Business.

Here at GSPU, with the Best Accounting Services in Bahrain, we need to streamline the accounting and administrative system of our clients. We provide the following services:
1. Maintain accounting records and secure the database
2. Prepare management reports
3. Prepare and maintain sales & purchase ledger
4. Reconcile bank statements
5. Generate creditor listings and inventory reports
Being proficient in accounting and a Top Accounting Service firm, we understand the financial aspects of a business establishment. We guarantee our clients provide a reputation for their structure, maximizing their credibility, and standing out from their competitors. We adhere to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and professionalism.

Benefits of accounting practices
1. Decision Making
Accountancy and bookkeeping services assist with making safer, evidence-based choices and consider both the internal and external environment.
2. Legal Requirement
As per the legal requirements of Bahrain, appropriate accounting records are to be maintained, and the inability to do so will lead to legal concerns for the organization.
3. Budget Preparation
A perfectly maintained book of records keeps a continuous track of the financial plan. It allows the financial plan to be more flexible and adapt to situations.
4. Tracking Malpractice
Monetary inconsistencies can be easily tracked and amended.
5. Averting Financial Crises
Since these recorded statements are recorded and assessed continuously, they reduce the risk of a financial emergency.
A clear & transparent book of accounting records assists a business to persist in the competitive market.

Why is Accounting important to a Business?

The fundamental goal of Accounting is to record, summarize and examine every financial transaction of the business. It helps both the management and the financers of the company. Some of the advantages of profiting from Accounting Services are:

1. The company’s current financial standing can be understood from the analysis of the transaction records.
2. The various records will help the company to keep track of its finances.
3.The compliance situation of the Business can be identified from these company records.
The company must be able to rely on an expert who handles these financial details accurately.

2.Are Accounting and Bookkeeping different?
Accounting and bookkeeping are related but have slight differences:
The process of Accounting includes Recording, Summarizing and analyzing the company’s total financial transactions, whereas the act of bookkeeping includes recording the company’s total financial transactions. The Bookkeeping process does not involve any analysis.
1.The process of Accounting analyzes the company’s total financial transactions and for taking decisions about the future of the Business, whereas bookkeeping is associated only with the recording of the company’s total financial transactions.
2.The process of Accounting includes Bookkeeping, but Bookkeeping is a step in the complete procedure and forms the basis for accounting which helps the Accountant & the management in decision-making.

3. What is IFRS?

IFRS stands for International Financial Reporting Standards. To bring transparency and to create common rules & regulations in the world of business affairs across boundaries rules have been formulated.

Are the IFRS applicable to SMEs?
Yes, IFRS apply to SMEs
According to the applicable laws, what are the records to be kept?
Each organization is expected to keep accounting records showing its financial transactions whenever the organization's financial position must be precisely uncovered and empowering the partners or shareholders to affirm that the company records are appropriately kept as per the arrangements of the Commercial Companies Law or any other applicable Laws. Such records include, yet are not restricted to, bank statements, sales and purchase invoices, payment and receipt vouchers, LPOs, contracts/arrangements, and so on.
Accounting records are to be kept for what period?
Each organization is expected to save its accounting books in its head office centre for at least 5 years from the end of the financial year of the organization.
Are electronic copies accepted?
An electronic copy of the original documents & records kept can be maintained by the company.

 4. Before selecting an Accounting firm what should we evaluate?

The financial state of a business can be improved based on the services provided by an accountant. The records of business transactions will enhance the organisation's goodwill and build trust among financial backers.
Some important factors to be considered before evaluating an accounting firm.

• An accounting firm's fees must be within the scope of the organisation. Depending on the charges levied by the accounting firm, the Business should finalize whether the services given by the firm are necessary.
• The management must be aware of the number of services a firm provides. Some firms will also offer other types of accounting services. These firms process data faster as they have experience in the field.
• The firm certifications must be reviewed by the client business. This will allow the client firm to decide if their packages are reasonable.

5.Do Small & Medium Businesses require a well-maintained accounting system?

It is often a misconception that accounting management is a redundant & repetitive activity that utilizes a large portion of a small business's resources.
• The accounting system can give all the fundamental insights about the business which will, in turn, help the management in figuring out the current state of the Business and plan for the future.
• The bookkeeping system will likewise assist the administration in understanding the company's tax structure and filing taxes.
• Keeping records of business transactions is standard practice and ought to be followed by every organization.

How GSPU can help

Becomes your professional financial consultant

To preserve the degree of professionalism that has been established,
we adhere to the International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS).

Boosts your company's performance by streamlining tasks

Handing it over to our professional team lowers the burden and
increases the quality of output without errors.

Ensures that your fixed assets are kept in good working order

Fixed Assets are the physical investments a business makes that are used
in its operations to generate income, and we make sure they are in good working order.

Simplifies the process and handles any VAT problems

GSPU has been dealing with the crucial process of accounting and
taxation for multiple clients engaged in multiple businesses at a global level.

Constructs the most advantageous financial structure

Our team understands the financial jargon of the Business and finds
out about fraud or embezzlement in the company.

Verifies Inventory with sufficient planning and skill

Inventory is an asset that moves numerous times each day, making inventory verification a time-consuming chore for any firm, and we guarantee to provide experienced assistance.

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