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Is VAT compulsory and applicable for your business in Bahrain?
Check out the registration procedures!!!

Businesses that supply products or services must register for VAT as a necessary requirement. The final consumer is ultimately responsible for paying VAT, which is a consumption tax that is included in the cost of products and services at every stage of the supply chain. Businesses who register for VAT can collect and submit VAT on behalf of the government and also claim VAT back on their business expenditures. The following are the essential steps in Bahrain’s VAT registration process:

1.Examine to see if registration is required: The necessity to register for VAT in Bahrain must be determined by businesses. If the value of supplies exceeds BD 37,500 in the past 12 months or will exceed BD 37,500 in the next 12 months, a VAT registration in Bahrain is necessary. 

2.Compile the necessary documentation: Businesses in Bahrain must provide several documents, including their trade license, bank account information, and proof of address, to register for VAT.

3.Fill out the VAT Registration Application: The taxpayer must electronically register with NBR to submit VAT returns using the NBR portal. The taxpayer must summarise the details of the total output tax owed & the total input tax recoverable for a specific tax period on the VAT Return Form, an electronic form. All information must be entered into the National Bureau of Revenue (NBR) electronically.

4.Get your Tax Identification Number (TIN): The tax authority will provide a unique tax registration number known as a ‘Tax Identification Number’ after the details and papers required for VAT registration are submitted following successful verification. In brief, it is known as TIN.

5.Know Your VAT Obligations: Businesses in Bahrain must adhere to several requirements after registering for VAT, including submitting VAT returns, paying VAT liabilities, and maintaining proper records.

In general, establishing and expanding a profitable business in the Middle East requires careful consideration of VAT registration and implementation. The specifics of the procedures and the insights into how to structure the VAT framework must be studied in greater detail by businessmen and women.

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